#323 Our story

Today the 19 seniors received their suits as they will begin their practicum in various places in Guatemala.

The 19 seniors with Billy, Flor, Dottie and me.

8/13/2001. We received 3 new abandoned children Hector 11, Bryan 9, and Caesar 7. Tony has set up the web site so I can tell stories about the children.

8/14. Marta II, who is one of the most abused children we have seen, was sent back to the very home she was abused in. It just sickens me. 

8/15. A large truck hit another truck in front of our home and tore down the electrical and telephone lines. It will be days before it is fixed. There were 52 children who made honor roll this semester. Barry emailed to say that they were continuing the Christmas in July program for us as he feels they can do more. We will use the money for computers. Today is the first day in 4 months that we do not have visitors. We took little Carlos who totally deaf and mute to a school for the deaf in the city. If he is accepted it will require one member of our staff to take him to school each morning and pick him up in the afternoon. When I tell you that this will require two trips of 2 hours.

8/16. Paul and Cristy who have helped us tremendously had a devastating event happen to them as Cristy’s sister was beaten to death in the city last night. It was a land dispute. Laura and Engleber both had their appendix removed.

8/17. More medical as we took Wilma and Lorena for eye examinations and they both needed glasses. Dottie and I had “an overnight with grandpa” with 20 boys sleeping in out living room. 

8/18. One of our workers is Nadelia who assists Sheryl in the baby dorm. She loves the babies so much and actually would eventually be the dorm parent when Sheryl and Steve would leave. Visiting day went well. There were no major problems with parents.