#322 Our story

Our greatest needs right now are house parents for Doncillas which are the high school girls.

Next week, Heidy, dentist, who is married to Chris who once was on staff here at Casa will come for a month & hopefully see all of our children.

I need your prayers as we do not receive containers anymore so we do not have items for Christmas. If you want to help us purchase Christmas gifts we would appreciate it tremendously.

I have to start next week paying the extra salaries due each year in June. The total is $32,000.

The reason so much water was shooting into Cometas was that the addition separated from the original construction. This had to be due to the many earthquakes over this last year. 

Our nurces helping Griselda

8/7/2001. We have a Guatemalan welder who lives on campus with his wife. He is a master welder and is teaching some of our boys those skills. Today along with 5 of our teenagers roofed the new storage building and finished the roof on the walkway. In the afternoon we had a surprise inspection by the Human Rights Department. All went well and they even complemented us. I took a group of teens to a village where they sang and performed Christian dance. Delmi & Raquel sang a duet. Yerman, Oseas & Vilma sang a trio. 

8/8. KAJN radio in Crowley, La. informed me that they had raised enough money for 300 bicycles. Carlos was blessed with a big screen TV for his dorm. He has dozens of Christian videos in Spanish for the children to watch and study. 

8/9. Melvin, my pastor, flew home today. The grandmother of Lesbia died today and the family asked that I tell her. Lesbia’s father is threatening suicide because his mother died. John began tiling the bedrooms in the older girl’s dorm rooms.

8/10. This was a very bad day. I had 2 boys who have been extremely difficult. I have gone the 2nd, 3rdand 4thmile with them but they are affecting the other boys. I took them to court and they cried to stay but the judge realized they were a danger to other children so he removed them.

8/11. Today was the one day out of the year that I have to take the Christmas foto so it is like herding cats to get them lined up and somewhat still. Two of our visiting groups left today. Mike & David began rebuilding a downstairs bathroom in the older boy’s dorm. I am afraid that they were just not done correctly. The boys will have to bathe in other dorms.

8/12. Horrible news today as Jimmy who came to us at age 4 and then was sent to a prostitute aunt was shot to death at age 15. The aunt was arrested because the investigation by the police uncovered proof that she was selling children.