#321 Our story

It was a very slow and peaceful summer day. I spoke about how every sin we commit is a sin against God.

Grisela had hemodialysis early & was doing well. Then her catheter quit working and she had surgery. Please pray!

The baby dorm kids had a poem for Dottie & the older kids made her a collage for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Dottie

8/3/2001. All of my board members were able to arrive in Guatemala and get to Casa as the roads are no longer blocked. We are staying at a hotel in Anigua so we began our board meeting after dinner. Eric from Indiana called to say he was coming to help Carlos in the school for one year.

8/4. The board viewed the new video made recently and everyone was pleased. Then we looked at the new Web site presentation which we hope to have up and running in September. The Lord has blessed me with a great group of board members. A team from Milan, Tn arrived as did 4 teenage Cajun girls from Louisiana.

8/5. The rain was so heavy today that some commodes even backed up in Bob’s house and Carlos’s dorm. We received a 3 year old who was so severely abused and frightened that we thought about hospitalizing her. The courts called about 9 children. We took 3 and told the judge we had to get more beds and then we would take the other 6. 

8/6. All my board members left so I went and exchanged money and then bought metal and paint. The rain is still heavy. Bill W arrived with a team from Shreveport, La. John H dropped by with his wife Sharon. They were the first couple to work with us at Casa. He has been diagnosed with serious heart problems so is asking for prayer. They have a wonderful ministry to pastors and young women. Sharon is a nurse and is teaching young ladies about what to do and not do when they are pregnant. John teaches pastors.