# 320 Our story

We had an extremely hard rain & our newest dorm, Cometas, had two extreme leaks between the first phase & the addition. It was a flood.  This is the Sim’s dorm of little boys.

Donovan & Lissi left today for a one month vacation.

One of the dialysis girls, Griselda, scared us as she began vomiting & would not stop so she now is in the hospital & needs your prayers. 

Edy has a great job and has built his own home

7/24-31/2001.  We received 8 new children ages 3 to 15. All are malnourished and none looked their age. The government raised taxes so our cost of operations has risen significantly. A number of riots occurred because of the tax hike. Hundreds were arrested.

A group of delinquents entered the public school in San Bartolome’ where we have 54 students. They actually held the school hostage at gunpoint. What is so amazing is that a large number of policemen in riot gear simply entered the school and not a shot was fired and the gang was arrested.

David J arrived with a team from Alabama and they will attaching siding to the building, build cabinets and pour the slab for next project. Their first job was to finish the room for Kirk and Monica. 

8/1. A nation-wide strike shut down everything in the city as all roads were blocked with buses turned sideways on the main roads. The protest against the new taxes will not be a short one. Since we knew the strike was coming I took the baby Damaris to the hospital at 4am because the strike was to begin at 5am. The protesters actually tell everyone when the blockades will begin so that medical personnel and patients can enter the city before it begins. 

8/2. We awakened to the news that the riots and blockades were still going on. The police and army began using tear gas. Hundreds have been arrested. The rioters are even saying they will support one of the generals in a coup. But this did not happen.