#318 Our story

For the second time in 2 weeks the weather in Lake Charles has knocked Debbie out of internet and phone service.

The children had a “Let’s play together” today where all of the siblings are involved.

Kids who have been gone & are now adults came by to see Dottie.

7/14/2001.  The NC team has a number of nurses on the team as well as carpenters and electricians. The doctor recasted Karen’s leg for her plane ride back to Tennessee.

7/15. Another Alabama team followed by another Tennessee team arrived. There are a number of welders on the teams so they went right to work. We moved some of the beds into the new dorm tonight and the boys spent their first night there. So we missed Steve’s goal of the boys being the dorm by 2 days.

7/16. This is really amazing! Two local gang members came and asked if they could ‘just talk’ about their lives. Later they asked if they could put together a presentation to present to our older children. Both had been saved so I gave them that opportunity.

7/17. Jerry and I spent most of the day buying welding supplies. The new gate to the back property needs a special foundation so Ricardo and his team are doing that. We received 2 more abused children ages 5 and 11. The NC had a special time of activities with the children and everyone had a great time. Nine of the gang members showed up.