#317 Our story

A riot in a local prison left 7 dead & 17 in critical condition. The hospital they were sent to had their employees wear armored vests in case the cartel tried to rescue someone. Police are everywhere.

There were road blocks & demonstrations around the palace.

Gladys & I went to the city & made reservations for the Quinceaneras for November. This will be the 19thyear in the same hotel.

If you are coming to Casa & want to bring us a bag of goodies make it socks, panties, boy’s underwear, bras, etc.

One of the mayoral candidates came & spoke to our older children. 

Dr. Mike with children

7/12/2001.  Today was the first day I drove our bus. We were able to seat 107 little children into the bus and I drove them to an amusement park for small children. It had merry-go-rounds, boat rides and even a Ferris wheel. We were there about 20 minutes when Victor fell out of the boat. Then 20 minutes before we left Franklin fell out of the boat. They were never in danger but they had to stay in their wet clothes. 

7/13. Today Dottie and I drive into the city to do some Christmas shopping. I had to go to our bank and when I drove into the parking lot two guards had just been shot. The thieves were gone so we were in no danger. The Alabama team is painting the new cabinets.

7/14. Over the years I have been blessed beyond imagination. Tonight the kids surprised me with a belated birthday party. They actually cooked steaks for all of the 120 teenagers and staff. They had been saving for months to surprise me. Of all things that I can think of for a birthday party I never would have hired a mariachi band but that is exactly what the teens did. I felt so honored by their words. Hickory Grove from Charlotte, NC arrived in time to get in on the festivities.

7/15. The Mississippi and Alabama teams left early.