#315 Our story

Our past Chairman of the Board, Wes, lost his mother yesterday. She was such a special, godly woman and he was blessed to have her for so many years. Our prayers are with the family.

The injured girl had a CAT scan and it was clear. She will have an MRI  tomorrow.  

Dr. Toups, optometrist will be here for the annual checkup he gives all the children.  

Pray for us to have house parents for Doncillas (older girls). 

7/1/2001. One of the folks on the medical team returned home and as they were arriving the father and grandfather of one team member had just been shot in a laundry in Alabama. They did not die. The Woodlands, Texas team arrived and it is a team of adult females who will minister to our teenage girls. Eighteen years later they are still coming each year to love on and bless our older girls. Steve is believing that we can move into the new dorm in the next 2 weeks.

7/2. One of my dearest friends, Ernest Martin, passed away this past weekend. He was a model of God’s love. Dottie and I tried to get a flight home but were unable to. I went to the bank and they said they were not cashing checks nor allowing cash withdraws. They would not tell me why! I have to pay the employees as well as school tuitions not to mention food, etc.

7/3. Jerry and Jamie have work 4 weeks laying tile without a break. So we took them as well as Earl and Pat on a one day excursion to Lake Atitlan. 

7/4. I was called by a judge to take 4 children. The story is that the father in a drug cartel and has threatened to kill his wife. She is afraid for the lives of her children. So the judge knew they would be out-of-sight if they were with us. I took another three 12 year old girls. We took them immediately to forensic to be tested because of the sexual abuse. The Woodlands group had a pizza party for all of the children. Women’s Aglow here in Guatemala came with treats for the kids.

7/5. There is a new business in Guatemala. It is a video game arcade and they called and asked if I would bring 100 children to play the games free. We will go next Wednesday.

7/6. We received 14 children today which is the most we have ever received in a single day. The team painted the rooms in the new dorm so we are on schedule to move into the dorm in one week.