#314 Our story

One of our college girls was returning from the city when she was pushed off the bus. The drivers were drunk & tried to run but were captured. X-rays were negative but she will have other scans today. Pray for a good report.

Greg, Kellie and Christine all left for vacation time in the states.

Kevin is working 12 hour shifts as a dialysis technician in Roosevelt hospital.

6/28/2001.   KAJN Radio in Crowley, La. is hosting a Christmas in July event to help us get bicycles for the children for Christmas. Many sponsors have sent money for their sponsored child so this is for the children who do not have sponsors. The medical team has seen over 1300 patients and still have one more day to see patients. We were visited by high ranking officials as they wanted to see the little 18 month old who was raped by her father. They want to give him the death penalty. It did not happen. He was given 18 years without parole.

6/29. I shared with the teams that are here, Medical and VBS, that I thought this would be an unbelievable week and it has been just that. Many of our children were saved and the medical team saw over 1500 patients and hundreds of them were saved also. Our altar call last night lasted for over one hour. So many of the children wanted a touch from the Lord. A twelve year old girl violated by her father arrived while we were praying so the team gathered around her and just loved on her. 

6/30. The VBS team left at 5am and the medical team left at noon. The children cried as they watched them leave. The precious thing about the Canaan group was that they would come every summer for years. I cannot calculate how many children and teens were impacted by their ministry.