#313 Our story

I have still been feeling weak and sickly so I spent much of my day writing updates about Dottie and my life together. Already I have written 313 five or six day updates and am only at January 2002. All of these updates can be found on my daily posts on line.

Cometas has two roof leaks which is strange since it is a relative new building. 

6/24/2001. Today I had my largest congregation ever as we have so many visitors mixed in with our more than 350 children. We also had a few local gang members come to hear the Word.

6/25. Keith arrived to fabricate the soffit for the dorm. Dr. Buck’s team saw over 300 patients in Hacienda Maria alone. The children of all ages are loving the VBS by the Canaan group. Some of the older teens helped to finish the tile upstairs in the new dorm. A group is here putting razor wire on all of our walls. We had a break-in overnight and tools were stolen.

6/26. The tile is finished. The medical team saw nearly 400 patients in Poaquil and gave out numbers because they will continue the outreach tomorrow. Some of our teens, Gerson, Jorge, Byron, Estella, Josue and Jose David translated for the medical folks. The Canaan had a service for the teenagers tonight and many teens received Christ while many others rededicated their lives to Christ.

6/27. Herb has installed all of the windows and he along with others are now placing the glass panes in place. A group is helping as we are having to cut down and remove about 100 pear trees for the future construction. Kirk has installed all f the electricity in the new dorm while Jerry has the bathrooms ready for grout tomorrow. The visitors had a pizza for the teenagers. There has been so much love shared between our children and this VBS team.

Police and soldiers seem to be everywhere as they continue to search for the escaped convicts.