#312 our story

Our kids were involved in another soccer and basketball tournament.

With the national elections coming soon I am getting calls from local candidates to come and speak to our 18 year olds and older.

We had our monthly staff praise and teaching. Gladys ministered.

This is our mustard seed jar with over 5900 mustard seeds representing each child

6/19/2001. I ordered the lettering for the new boy’s dorm. We are calling it “Los Vencedores” which is The Conquerors or the Victors. That will be a good confession over them every time we call that name. The child whose mother has HIV does not have the disease. Juan and some of our boys have fabricated all of the windows for the new dorm. They also have fabricated 3 gates.

6/20. Jerry began tiling the floors upstairs in the new dorm. He has already finished tiling the bathrooms and they look great. Family Life from Lafayette, 

La. is installing cyclone fences in three areas. Edgar broke his arm so badly that the bone penetrated the skin.

6/21. The entire nation is on alert as 78 death row prisoners from the Escuintla prison escaped. Only 12 were captured by night fall so they will probably enter Mexico or one of the Central American countries. The government immediately passed a law giving the army or police to enter your house without cause. A youth group from Mississippi arrived and will have a puppet ministry this week.

6/22. The men with the help of some of our older boys finished the tile on the upstairs. I went to Chimaltenago to check on the 50 new bunk beds & mattresses.

6/23. Well, I was wrong. Another 28 convicts have been captured so that is 40 of the original 78 who escaped. The government is so upset that they are considering giving control of the prisons to the army. Sixty-eight more people from Mississippi arrived. Dr. Buck and g=his medical group will host medical clinics in Poaquil, Mixco, Guatemala City and Hacienda Maria so they will see hundreds of people this week. Pastors Rodney and Rhonda will have a very large vacation Bible school for all ages this week.