#311 Our story

Angel came back to Casa as his surgery was successful.

I want to remind you that Dottie and I will be in the states in September and if you want us to share with your church you can contact Debbie at 337 855 1286.

Billy & Oscar have put together a list of projects for teams coming this summer. Shortly it will be available.

We had “Family Dinner” for all the kids today. 

6/13/2001. Our new flatbed truck arrived. The bed of the truck is being fabricated by Stacey in Louisiana. It will be ready to place in the next container being shipped. A judge called to tell me that the mother of one of our children has HIV. We will have the child tested. We have hired tutors to help the students that are struggling in school.

6/14. Our social worker took the child for an HIV test. Our weekly cost of operation has reached $6000. People have been so generous over the years and Dottie and I want to say thank you.

6/15. For some reason my blood pressure was as high as it ever has been so the doctor suggested Dottie and I take a few days off. I am sure the paying of the extra month’s salary due today had something to do with it.

6/17. Kirk bought my old van since we have just purchased a small car for us to get around the city more easily. Glenda had shoulder surgery today.  The collar bone has just not healed from the first surgery.

6/18. We received a donation today that is 50% of what we need for the new dorm so we will work until that runs out and we will wait for God to send the rest.