#310 Our story

Angel had successful hernia surgery last night fr which we are grateful.

Marlin and Odelia our social workers will be participating in a Human Rights training one day a month until December.

For a month we have had children and staff ill with the flu. Both Amber & Jim need your prayers.

6/8/2001. Our social worker took Edgar, age 5, to testify against his father for hitting him with bob wire. The Alabama team left. We were called to the national hospital to pick up a young girl who has a sexually transmitted disease given to her by her father. It is beyond comprehension the amount of horror that comes to too many children. Donnie ministered to the children.

6/9. Kirk & Monica took over Esperanza upstairs where they have 69 girls ages 7-12. Dottie and I have “sleep overs” for different dorms so tonight 11 little girls.

6/10. Priscilla has been here most of her life and she attends high school in the city. Last night two of her classmates committed suicide by hanging. A note left at the scene said “suicide pact”. Priscilla who also leads music at Casa had been witnessing to them because she felt something was wrong. The team from Alabama that left was stuck in Houston and spent the night in the airport.  It took 2 days for them to get home.

6/11. Remember the child who watched his father kill his brother and testified to that fact in court? The courts called to tell me that he will receive a lethal injection for killing his son with a pipe. We received a 12 year old boy who was so badly abused he was hospitalized twice this past year.

6/12. All of our groups are gone and I was called to meet government officials at our storage locker we have in the city where we wrap the Christmas gifts. They were looking for drugs and guns. We showed “The Cross and the Switchblade” tonight and we invited the local gang. Twelve came!