309 our story

The ladies took Dottie and Kate to dinner for their birthdays.

Another child was brought to the hospital. He has a hernia and is only 8 years old.

We will be short of staff by the end of May until late June as Donavon & Lissi, Mike & Amber, Jim & Kate, Cristine, Oscar, Oscar and Georgie, Greg & Kelly will all be taking vacation time.

6/4/2001.  The Denver team as well as the Louisiana team left today and a large team from Arkansas arrived. Andrew also left for a mini-vacation as he has taken care of Carlos’s dorm and then David’s dorm the last 2 months. A new girl, Laura, age 13 arrived. The Esperanza dorm is large and beautiful. 

6/5. Donny A. arrived today to mud the sheetrock. A Tennessee team arrived and 13 of the women are sleeping in the baby dorm so those children getting a ton of love and attention. Elmer, who is only 4, saw his father beat Elmer’s baby brother to death. The psychologist is certain that Elmer can testify as to what he saw. I told Debbie to begin buying bicycles for the next container as I want to give all 300 children a bicycle for Christmas. It will prove to be a huge headache.

6/6. Crews are hanging sheetrock, floating & taping sheetrock, putting up siding, installing the soffit, building cabinets, wiring as well as plumbing and everyone is working together with a good attitude. Bill bought 140 large pizzas.

6/7 A judge called me today screaming into the phone for me to come to court and to bring Dottie with me. I thought she was mad at me but when we arrived at the courthouse the judge was standing in front of the building. She jumped in my truck and told me to drive to the hospital. We entered the hospital and were escorted by the police to a room in pediatrics. There was an 18 month old child  standing in the crib and when she saw me she began screaming and tried to climb the wall.

The child had been raped by her father. The judge wanted to kill that man. She was beside herself because the mother had told the judge, “It was not my husband’s fault. She teased him”. I have never seen a judge so angry. They had to put the baby to sleep so we could bring her home to Casa. For months she could not even be around a male.

Today, 2019, she is now a college student. She does not remember any of the abuse and is one of the sweetest children that we have ever had at Casa.