#308 Our story

Today was another national holiday.

It is hard to believe but I have written 308 lessons of our daily activities and I am only at December 2001.

Oscar & Georgie left for the states.

6/1/2001. The month began with my daughter, Tanya, being robbed on a bus. She had her baby with her and the robbers put a knife to the baby’s throat & robbed everyone on the bus. She returned to Casa extremely upset. Another Alabama team arrived giving us 50 men working on the Esperanza dorm. We have had so many babies we hired 3 new workers today.

6/2. The rain has been unmerciful but the teams have just continued to put sheetrock in two buildings. They estimate they will hang 16,000 square feet of sheet rock. A new boy, Edgar, was sent here and the psychologist from the court was with him. She told me that his father had died and she knew we would give him the love he needed.

6/3. Chuck H. preached to the children this morning. All of you know that Moses’s mother placed him in a basket in the Nile River. Pharoah’s daughter found him and she asked Moses’s mother to raise him for her. Today we hired 4 mothers of children here who will work the weekends and the evenings.

Carlos presented the children who made honor roll this semester. Three children who were in special education last year made honor roll in a normal class and 

Five children who were terrible students last year in a normal class made honor roll. The school has just blossomed under Carlos’s direction.