#307 Our story

Today was visiting day so we had church services in the evening.

Josue & I took one of the teenagers to the hospital.

The Fayetteville team accomplished so much.

Jsoue, Michelle and Oscar with Dottie & her birthday cake

5/27/2001. One of our Indian workers in the baby dorm slapped a child so I fired her. Natali was helping and she cried uncontrollably because she thought the child was severely injured. Pastor Lee from Patterson ministered the Word to the 

children in the morning service. JW asked me to give him a “wish list” of how 

many more employees we need especially in the school.

5/28. We have a family of three who have been here a few years and have never had a visit from their family. Today the mother came and we could not locate the children. Eventually we found them in the ovens in the kitchen. Even after all these years they remembered the abuse. The Denver group arrived late last night and will help in construction as well as provide a dental clinic for our children.

5/30. Remember the gang members we invited to church? Today 3 of them gave their lives to Jesus. We received three brothers today ages 12, 6 and 4. 

5/31. I left early to go to various schools for report cards and a one-on-one visit with teachers where our older children attend school. The largest group we have ever had arrived today from Alabama. In the afternoon the dorm parents with children in our school attended a PTA meeting and receive the report cards for their dorm. 

A law in Guatemala is that twice a year employers must paid an extra salary as well as vacation pay meaning 15 months salary rather than just twelve. We have 55 employees so you can see what an extra burden that places on us. 

The most difficult part of missionary life is the family you leave behind. Not being there for birthdays, graduations or holidays is a burden on all of us. Pray that God will hold our families in His arms since we are not there to do it ourselves.