#306 our story

Yesterday our school participated in a soccer & basketball tournament against area schools.

The Fayetteville team is making the new bedroom and bathroom the nicest on campus.

Dottie spent her birthday working with her flowers. She is so passionate about her flowers & I believe this is one reason she continues to be so healthy & youthful.

We sent a girl to the hospital because she had symptoms of appendicitis & there was another girl there with the same name. Our girl did not have appendicitis but they confused the girls & nearly operated on our girl. Josue’ caught it and was able to stop the operation. The girl returned & is doing fine.

A planter with pretty flowers from Esperanza down

5/25/2001. The Lord provided us with a new flat bed truck. It will be such a blessing to purchase construction materials and not have to wait for them to be delivered. It also will allow us to carry many items such as food, clothing and building materials to the village churches we work with. We were informed that the three new children we received this morning were all sexually abused by the grandfather who is in prison. But, unless the children testify against him, he will be released. The family does not want them to testify.

In time the children would testify and when the 12 year old gave her testimony the grandmother ran over to her and spit in her face. The grandmother was then arrested.

5/26. We were blessed with a skilled audio-visual man from Patterson who spent the week filming Casa. He would return home and edit the film. It will contain two twenty minute halves with half being Casa itself and the children and secondly twenty minutes on village churches we have built and you can help.

We took the team to visit 6 village churches that God has used us to build. In the evening 24 children told their stories to the visitors. Very emotional! It became even more emotional when Andrew came in and was shaking like a leaf as he had just been robbed at gunpoint. He went to buy groceries and was walking back to Casa. 

They took his wallet and he asked them if he could have his passport and driver’s license. They handed the wallet back and did not even take the money. But they did steal his shoes.

The day became more interesting as Jorge’ had gone to a village to help the pastor.  It was dark and so I went looking for him in a heavy downpour of rain. I found him at 1am. Needless to say I slept very well.