#305 our story

I took Dottie to lunch to celebrate her 76thbirthday.

The team has done a marvelous job on the rebuilding of the dorm and bathroom.

I gave my testimony to the team.

5/16. Spoke at Pelham Presbyterian with Pastor Donnie and then went to an LSU game in Hoover where they are holding the SEC baseball tournament.  

5/17. Drove to Montevallo to Bill and Ann’s house and we went fishing immediately. So we had fried fish for our evening meal. Dottie and Ann did women things all day and in the early evening we all drove to their old home site. In Guatemala Fernando had a wreck in our van. No one was hurt. However it was his fault.

5/20. We spoke at Spring Creek Presbyterian with Pastor Scott. Then we drove with Dottie’s niece where we dropped her off on Prattsville. Dottie & I then drove to Gulfport. 

5/21. We purchased construction items that Steve needs in Guatemala and Mike B. will put in the container to ship when full. We drove to Baton Rouge where we stopped for a Cajun breakfast and then to Lake Charles. For 12 years Allison, who owns a storage unit, has allowed us to store our teams free. Dottie had things in storage that she wanted for the container. In Guatemala JW and a team arrived. They want to interview each child and have their stories on hand when someone sponsors them. Alex II had his third surgery in two years on his legs that are shaped like a doughnut. The physicians say and it will turn out to be true that he will now be able to walk.

5/24.We returned to Guatemala and were accompanied by a team from Patterson with Pastor Lee.