#303 Our story

First there was mold. Then the pump on my water supply quit working. This morning a light fixture literally blew & burned but praise God it flipped the breaker. But it is a mess where it blew through the ceiling. God is protecting us.

We are so desperate for a handyman.

5/5/2001.  Spent time with David J. and Bill B. in Athens, Alabama. In Guatemala Carlos took the teachers to lunch. Our church in Chimaltenango came & broughtsupper for the children.

5/6. Spoke at Southside Baptist and they will be bringing 10 folks to Casa this summer. We left there and drove to Killen where we spoke at First Baptist. Wayne was there and will be coming back to Casa with an electrical team. The church blessed Dottie and me with the use of a house for a week so we shopped for Christmas and packed and rested. In Guatemala it was visiting day & Steve had a rough time with one mother who was upset and blamed him for her problems.

5/7. We found an excellent Christmas bookstore so I was in hog heaven. Back home the new teacher did not show up so Andrew volunteered to take her class. He has a servant’s heart. Steve paid all of the college tuitions.

5/8. David took us to another hearing clinic and the loaded us up with goodies for the children. The new teacher did not show up again so Carlos told her she was not needed. Augustine, one of the older children, will teach the class until Carlos can find a teacher. Oscar III fell and hit his head. He had no feeling below hi waist so Steve took him to the city to a neurologist. By 11pm he was doing well so they sent him back to Casa.

Our village has a gang and some of our boys were playing soccer there when gang members approached and asked them to join. Of course, they refused. Our kids told Carlos so he went to the village and spoke to the gang. Three asked if they could start coming to Casa for Bible. Teens from the village came and made special ornaments and decorated for Mother’s Day.