#302 Our story

On Wednesdays & Fridays we have a program “Let’s Play Together” from 1-4 & the children are in teams & families work together in various games.

On Mondays there is a group of women who come & have Bible study with the girls.

Greiselda is doing much better.

If you are coming & want to bless us we need boys underwear, T shirts, jeans, regular shirts for ages 8 to 16. We always need shoes all sizes but especially sizes 1 to 8.5. Mostly 3-7.5!

There was no water in my house as the compressor on my tank seems to be nonfunctioning. 

5/1/2001. We were able to get to Hattisburg after visiting my mother in Baton Rouge before heading out for Spring City, Tn. In Guatemala Carlos organized a large soccer tournament to be hosted by Casa. It is very important that our children experience life with other teens outside of Casa. Teams from Milan, Tn. And Covington, La. finished the framing of the new dorm.

5/2.  The police brought us a newborn baby found behind a bar. The child was found with his umbilical cord still attached. The hospital cut the cord, cleaned him up and handed him to me. In a short period of time he began having seizures. He also has spinal problems. Dottie and I arrived in Chatanooga where I went to a bookstore and Dottie shopped for Christmas gifts to send to Gulfport. 

5/3. We arrived at First Baptist in Spring City where I shared slides as well as the Word. Two pastors came to visit us. One was Dottie’s brother, Luther, and his wife Annette. The other couple were Dennis and Lori who actually pastored in my home town of Bunkie La.

5/4. We drove to Huntsville looking for batteries for Michelle’s hearing aids. We found a physician who sold batteries and when he asked who they were for we told him. He told us he does mission work in Guatemala and he gave us several boxes of batteries. We spoke at Guntersville at Victory Baptist with Chris Todd.

Back in Guatemala we received 3 new children. One of our teachers had a miscarriage so Carlos will take her class until she returns.