#301 Our story

The work being done in Estrellitas is going well & should be finished this week.

A team from Arkansas is arriving Wednesday to finish the bathroom in Doncillas as well as a dorm room.

Brennan’s workers came and finished the upstairs bathroom.

Greiselda in dialysis went to the emergency room yesterday & they sent her back. But she is complaining of weakness in her legs & has trouble standing so Aroldo took her back to the hospital this morning.

We received a new girl today.

4/26/2001. Dottie and I left early for the states. Ben and Andrew rode to the airport with us as they are flying to Belise for a 10 day vacation. As soon as we arrived in Lake Charles I began working on correspondence, a slide presentation and the item for our board meeting.  A truck from Athens, Al arrived in Gulfport where Mike B will have it loaded on the container. The truck is filled with doors, tile and roofing material.

4/27. The container was being loaded in Gulfport but it was 6000 pounds overweight. Mike B. is checking on getting a 40 foot container to come with the 80 foot one.  Today is Dottie’s birthday. We are nearly finished with the joist on the second floor of the new dorm.

4/28. The team finished the decking on the second floor of the dorm. David and Kevin are painting the new rooms at our school. This section actually has three offices back to back with 2 apartments and sitting on a large cellar that will be used for school supplies. Dottie and I mew with a group from Crossroad Church in Lafayette. 

4/29. We began our annual board meeting and I am at a loss. Tony, David and JW presented our new website and they might as well been speaking Russian. I could not understand any of it. But one thing is certain and that is when I type my daily update it will automatically go on a website. Construction teams can speak to one another. A needs list will be posted. Mike Borja is our container contact person and he will be able to keep folks informed on when we will be shipping a container.

Bob Freese spoke to the children at Casa. They went from teaching the Word to immediately framing the newest dorm. There are 12 men from Louisiana who are helping. They also brought two physicians as well as a dentist who will be checking our children. 

4/30. We finished the board meeting and everyone went their separate ways. Dottie and I went to Baton Rouge where visited my mother for an hour and then got back on the highway and began the trip to Tennessee where we will preach at First Baptist in Spring City.