#300 our story

In all my years at Casa I believe that the Communion service Sunday was the most special ever. The boys performed a drama that was so moving. Dozens of children came for prayer or salvation.

4/21/2001.  We had trouble with the newest container. The government removed 1200 POUNDS of socks. There was a blessing today as after 2 years & a price tag of $30,000 we now have 3 phase electricity. The first walls were raised on the new dorm today.

4/22. Today was a beautiful Sunday and the services this morning were wonderful. The teen boys and girls had soccer games in the village and bot won easily. The six visitors worked on the walls for the dormitory & they will be ready when Bob F. and his team arrives from Milan Tuesday. 

4/23. The head of the banking system announced that starting immediately the US dollar will be accepted as legal currency and does not need to be changed to the Guatemala quetzal. 

2/24. Sheryl took the baby back to the hospital for another brain scan. As I write this in March 2019 Sheryl has had a ministry for years to the severely mentally retarded. Dottie and I made 6 weeks of radio programs for KAJN. Our lawyer informed us today that all of the property we have purchased is under review because the original paper work was destroyed in the earthquake of 1976. In time it will be sorted out and all of our property is legally registered.

2/25. We have an addition on Buen Pastor dorm and we will use it for an extra couple to help David and Regina. That older boy’s dorm is overflowing with teenage boys. I bought the material for the three concrete fences we will begin constructing immediately. Right now there are places on our property that are not very well protected.