#298 Our story

Presidential elections are 2½ months away but it is already a mess. One of the leading candidates, Mario Estrada, was arrested in the USA because he was receiving money from drug cartels. The ex-Attorney General was not allowed to register & an arrest warrant was issued for her capture. Then the ex-president of Peru committed suicide when an arrest warrant was issued for him. We have already had one politician come to speak to me.

We had a time of nothing but praise & worship with all of the children last night. 

4/15/2001. We had a sunrise service a little past five and it was as if on cue the sun rose over our buildings as we were praying the last prayer. Sheryl made huge cinnamon rolls for everyone. They were huge. We had an American traditional meal of turkey, all the trimmings followed by pie. Jerry T. called & he and his family are coming for a month. He is a master tile installer.

4/16. One of our teens has Turner Syndrome which is a form of retardation that causes deformities of the bones. The surgeons are going to remove an extra finger and thumb on both hands. Juan is our welder and today his wife had surgery.

4/17. To receive your car stickers you must go to a bank decided by the department of transportation. They had all of stickers in 6 different banks in 3 different towns. I failed to tell you that one of the 3 containers we received had beans, rice and powdered milk. You can never imagine how much that helped me with the weekly food costs for three months. 

4/18. Two boys who were found on the streets seven months ag were sent home. I was very upset because they loved being here and had told me they felt safe.

4/19. A social worker from the court who took the boys yesterday called and told me the eleven year old ran away during the night. The courts sent me a 5 year old boy that was beaten from head to toe. An hour later a ten year old was sent to us. She asked me if we had any private rooms.