#297 our story

The children are enjoying their mini-vacation.

The tile man came early & was able to get all the tile laid.

Bob is building the frame for the bottom floor bathroom & then we can paint. With mostly sanding and painting left to do I am amazed how Brennan’s workers were able to do so much in 4 days.

Ezdras began working with our marching band. 

4/10/2001. We did some cleaning of the areas where we had placed the items from the containers. Then we decided we would give the children the rest of the week off to enjoy the Easter break. 

4/11. We received a love gift that will allow us to continue to work on the dorm. I allowed our older kids to go visit a family member if they are not abusive parents. It allows us to do extra things for the children who cannot go home. Andrew and Ben took the older children to a movie. Dottie and I had all of the little girls camp out in out living room.

4/12. David took more children to the movies. Dottie and I took the 8-12 year olds to the lake, the zoo and to dinner. Then we had the 10 youngest boys sleep over at our house. Sheryl has fixed “special” meals for the children who could not go home.

4/13. Dottie, Sheryl, Steve and I took all of the toddlers to Burger King. You cannot believe how LOUD they were in that play area. One of the children went off to find the rest room. I went looking for her and she was in the boy’s bathroom standing in front of the urinal. She looked at me and said, “It’s too high”. While we had this group other staff members took the other children for ice cream.

4/14. Today started normally for a Sunday. But then we began to have all toilets and sinks backing up. We began early trying to discover the problem. At 6:30pm we discovered a baby bottle, a piece of PVC tubing, a drinking glass and an eight inch long piece of electrical wire in the drain. No one even had a guess as to how all of those items got into the drain.