#296 our story

Oscar and I had to go get floor tile for the bathrooms & then another trip to get a water filter system.

The carpenters are finished. Hopefully we will have the flooring done tomorrow. Then we will have to sand the sheet rock and paint it. Bob is building a frame so we can put the sinks back in place. However all of the mold has been removed.

A group from Washington dropped by with ice cream.

4/5/2001. Jorge is studying medicine. He was our first child from the courts. He is the one who convinced me to build churches. He also was murdered at age 22. But this particular day in class his teacher asked the medical students how many of them believed in God. Jorge was the only one to raise his hand. The teacher asked him to explain why he believed in God and Jorge gave his testimony and then answered questions from his fellow classmates. 

A team arrived and when they got to Casa they realized their baggage had not been loaded on the van. Bob went to the airport and unbelievably their luggage was just sitting there in the parking lot. At 11pm the police brought us two children, ages 4 and 5.

4/6. One of my most favorite church members at our church in Lake Charles passed away. She is Audrey and the mother of my secretary, Debbie. She was a wonderful Christian. I had to visit 4 schools to get the report cards.

4/7. The First lady’s office called to tell me the containers were to leave the port at dawn. They never arrived at Casa. We later discovered that since it was Saturday the drivers decided to park the trucks and wait until Monday. The children were so disappointed because they love unloading the containers. But at 5pm the containers did arrive. I guess their conscious bothered them.

4/8. It is a beautiful Sunday so following our church service and lunch the children began carrying the boxes to the correct areas. The three containers weighed 135,000 pounds. Our children, staff and visitors looked like ants as they carried the items to the correct area.