#295 our story

We had a short but strong earthquake. It was not strong enough to do any damage to us. But it is a reminder of the movement of the large dormitories that we have at Casa & why the tiles in the showers move leaving cracks for water to run down. Brennan’s crew knows exactly what to do to save it. 

4/1/2001. We took Julio to court and when the judge asked his name he answered “Julio 4”. We have so many children with the same name that we have to use numbers in order to identify. Once when we brought a Carlos to a physician he told the doctor his name was “Carlos 13”. The new 12 year old girl who was pregnant but lost the baby told me she has 18 brothers & sisters all by the same mother.

4/2.  Some of the younger children ran up to Dottie screaming that a boy was saying “nasty” things. When Dottie asked what ugly words they were saying the reply was, “They said that Papi has a beard and is so old”. The police brought us a 5 year old found abandoned behind a bar. She really has strong emotional problems.

4/3. Andrew from Canada who has done a great job told me today that he feels God is calling him to Guatemala permanently. He is a super young man and I wish that he could have done exactly that.  But he married and has 8 children so the mission field was too overwhelming. 

4/4. The courts sent us a 6 year old who was obviously mentally retarded and extremely emotionally disturbed. She immediately began biting the babies so I took her to court and the judge said that he would place her in a home for the emotionally disturbed if I would take 2 babies. So we now have Luis, age 1 months and Walter, age 2 months old.