#294 Our story

A storm went through Lake Charles and knocked at all of Debbie’s, my secretary, communication systems.

Yesterday Adam brought a team from Washington state by to hear my testimony. They asked me if they could pray for Dottie and my health. It was powerful.

Brennan’s team is purchasing the building materials to repair the bathrooms in Estrellitas. Greg & Bob are purchasing the materials to build cabinets in 2 dorms. Oscar is getting the materials for the renovation of the bathroom & one bedroom in Doncillas.

Yesterday there were a good number of young men & women who came to church. For Dottie and I it is such a blessing that they want to stay in touch with us. 

This is Easter week so we have various activities for the children.

Briggit who came to Casa at 10 months of age and left at 13 with her brothers Gino, Silvio, Chester and sister Lisa came to visit. She is now 26 years old. They live in Phoenix, Arizona (legally).

3/26/2001. Flor Maria had her appendix removed. Our men began work on the second floor of our old school. We will be enclosing it for a school library and a sewing/craft room. Miss Renny joined our staff today. She would remain at Casa well into her 70s. She has so much energy and is so very talented. She will begin immediately sewing uniform skirts for the girls in out school. Over the years she would build a tremendous ministry here. We miss her.

3/27. Carlos and Polly left for the USA for a vacation. Ben will be in charge of the school. We have high school students in 4 different high schools. They are in Chimaltenango, San Bartolome’ and two schools in Guatemala City. Today I had to visit each school and get their report cards. Some had good grades and others need to get down to business. We showed a Christian movie here on campus to our children. There were decisions for Christ.

3/28. John took two children to court. Dottie and I took 37 honor roll students out for lunch. The courts sent a 12 year old girl who was raped and gotten pregnant. Her baby died.

3/29.  A group of Amish teens arrived for a few days, Also Mary Ann from Florida arrived. She has ministries in Romania and Central Africa. She is wanting to bring a VBS(vacation Bible school) here and of course we welcomed her. 

3/30 Unbelievably a judge called and she wants to host a party in the baby dorm. We are honored that she thinks so highly of our home. I received the 56 report cards for our Junior High students and some of them caused my blood pressure to rise significantly.