#293 Our story

Eight children came forward at the altar call.

Four boys helped & we began working in Estrellitas & then two of Brennan’s workers came to help. They accomplished the work of ten men. I think the girls like the fact that they were moved from that area It is exciting to them.

3/22/2001. Ruebin received his semester grades from the university and they were excellent. He will be one of the young men to go to the USA. Today as I write this it is March, 2019 and Ruebin lives with his wife and children in Tennessee. He has been so blessed of God. I felt so bad today so Dottie called a physician (They make house calls) and my blood pressure was off the wall. So the next time we go to the states I will have a cardiologist check me out and get the right dosage. 

3/23. I was at Transexpress at 7am and they had the paperwork on the three containers. The containers were the result of the labor of so many people but let me mention Jerry C., Mike B., Mac, Tony & Cristine and Bonnie. They just put in so much effort and time. I cannot even express in words how grateful I am. We will have David & Bill coordinating North Alabama and Bob in Milan, Tn.

3/24. David and Vanessa will not be returning to Guatemala. David is Pastor Dave’s son and Vanessa was one of our girls here at Casa. Dave has a job with the railroad in West Virginia. We will miss them but believe they are doing the right thing. We wish them the best. His parents, David and Regina, are sad but presented a movie on the streets in Antigua and many were saved. Again, not having your family is the most difficult part of missionary life. Some of our teenagers accompanied them and they led many to Christ.


The Arkansas team left yesterday morning and the Alabama team left today. So much was accomplished by these teams. Not only was the plumbing installed in two dorms and the slab poured for one dorm but there was just an outpouring of love towards our children with crafts and VBS.