God is so GOOD. I called Brennan to ask if he had floor jacks. He came over with 6 jacks, looked at the project and said that he would help us to make the repairs. He and Maria Jose’ were here at Casa 2 decades ago & he is a missionary construction contractor & she is an architect. I am so very blessed.

Alex responded well to the medicine and came home to Casa last night.

3/20/2001.  The Alabama group has worked non-stop and have already plumbed the new dorm and want to prepare the second dorm so they can plumb it also. So we were able to pour the slab on that first dorm. It is raining continuously but the men just keep on working. There is a psychologist on the team so he has been spending his time with our psychologist.

3/21. Steve was able to purchase the plumbing parts for the second dorm so that is being done today. We were blessed when our neighbor came and asked me if I would pay half in order to build a wall between our properties. I jumped at the opportunity because it will provide a safer environment for our children. We have had people come on the property and steal tools, kitchen items and other things. John and Robyn returned from the states last night.

3/22. It is unbelievable but the men were able to pour the slab for the second dorm in spite of the bad weather. Three containers will arrive tomorrow. There is over 65,000 pounds of building supplies as well as other items. Everything depends on whether the First Lady gets and signs the paperwork. I had one of the Alabama team members to preach to the children. Our children love to hear what other Christians have to say.