#291 our story

We are attempting to find a framer for the Estrellitas. It is so damaged from 20 years of living by hundreds of girls as well as the hundreds of earthquakes over the years. It has twisted the floor and walls. Pray that we can find the help we need.

Jim took his discipleship class to a church to attend The Passion Play.

Alex had a seizure so it is worrisome to us since this is his first day home. Plase pray for home as we took him back to the hospital.

3/14/2001.  I left early and Debbie met me in Houston. So I drove directly to Baton Rouge. A CAM team of young people arrived and immediately began mixing concrete by hand to fill each slot on the walk over. This is the final step so when the cement dries we can begin using the steps. Herb finished painting the metal. Bill’s group will return and design canopies.

3/15. An Amish group from Canada arrived for a week. Dottie paid all 75 salaries since I was not there. The children finished their semester exams so there was a collective sigh of accomplishment.

3/17. Two groups arrived today. One is from Arkansas and the other from Alabama. Actually the Arkansas group are students from the university in Fayetteville. They will help with construction activities and provide craft classes with the younger children. The Alabama team led by Chris will put in plumbing and pour the slab for the new dormitory.

3/18. I returned home. I had Bible classes tonight with all of the teens. Some of the visitors sat in on the class in order to practice their Spanish. 

3/19. A judge called today and said, I know you are very crowded and maybe will tell me ‘ no ‘ but we just found a 5 year old who was raped by her father. She has been hospitalized and is in trauma. Her two brothers were brought here this morning and we do not want to separate them. Would you please take them?” I was shocked when they arrived as the 10 year old was the size of a 4 year old and the 12 year old was the size of a 7 year old.