#290 our story

 HELP! PRAY! We were checking mold in Estrellitas dorm for little girl & we found water leaks from the second floor & we removed a dozen sheet rock panels & the studs are rotten as are the trusses. We need PROFESSIONAL FRAMERS & CARPENTERS. Please pray about it if you can help.

This is an emergency as it is so dangerous for the children. It will also cost over $10,000.

Alex, dialysis, returned to Casa today.

Billy attended the natural disaster seminar today.  

The black mold and rotten studs. Critical!


3/11/2001. We now have three other collection sites for containers. They are in Louisiana, Tennessee and North Alabama. This will help take the pressure off the folks in Mississippi.  I appreciate the folks who dedicate items and the folks who help load the containers. Casa would never have grown so fast without your cooperation. I know it is a labor of love.

Our welder, Juan, has a daughter who is in labor and suffering. They did not take her to the hospital so Dr. Gary and I drove to the village and we arrived too late as she died with twins in her womb. The Warsaw team pooled their money to pay for the 3 burials. Bob brought some of our children to the funeral as we knew no one else would attend.

3/12. The high school began their first semester exams. Remember that the school year begins in January in Guatemala. David and Regina left for a few days where David will be ministering to a number of village churches. 

3/13. There is another medical emergency in Louisiana so I will fly out early tomorrow morning. My mother is suffering from heart disease. I will only stay 5 days unless something requires that I stay. The most difficult part of missionary life is being away from family.