#289 Our story

Greg & Bob are building new cabinets for some of the dorms.

A family came to Casa many years ago & the two older boys were terrible. I almost brought them back to court. But in time they became positive leaders to the children. The five live in the states & I am blessed because Laiza and Chester are coming to visit.

Our kids won another basketball championship.

It isn’t very clear but these are the champions.


3/8/2001. I spent most of the day in court for the trial of one of our 14 year old girls who was raped repeatedly since age 9. As she was testifying against her grandfather the grandmother ran up to her and spit on her. The judge immediately had the grandmother arrested and she will spend 3 days in jail. 

Jorge was able to return to school. A church gave us a used bus and it arrived today. It was in such bad shape that we sold it and will use the money to help purchase a van.

3/9. I cannot seem to stay out of court. Today I was called to go to the judge in our village on a matter of adults harassing our children when they leave school. You may remember we had this problem with a group of young people harassing them and the police stopped it. Now their parents are doing it. I had to attend a PTA meeting with Angelina and Esvin. We had more bad news as the container with the plumbing supplies has not arrived and the team of plumbers are coming soon.

3/10. The children had a wonderful day as Dr. Gary from Warsaw, Indiana came with a large group. Not only did the medical personnel check our children but the non-medical folks on the team fixed lunch, painted faces, took polaroid pictures of each child and gave the photo to the child but they also played games and rocked babies. 

The walkover from the back property over the road to the front property is 90% complete. A large number of our teenagers were invited to attend a party in the village. Jorge and Angelina are teaching reading to illiterate adults in San Bartolome’. In Mississippi Mike B and a large group of volunteers loaded three containers with 65,000 pounds of items we need.