#288 our story

If you asked what I pray for the most besides the salvation of the children I would have to say it is for a skilled maintenance minded person who can not only see what needs to be done but could do it himself and teach others. Maintenance is a major issue now as some buildings are well over 20 years old & have had hundreds of children living in them along with the earthquakes that moves the floors and walls where the water lines, etc. are located.             

3/5/2001. The judge called to say they are calling the attack on Jorge as aggravated assault and will try to sentence him to 15 years in prison. I asked that they be more lenient. My “Bills” arrived today in the form of Bill Hood and Bill Boles. They will be welding all week. Some Indian women passed by the rear of our home where we had put some trash. They asked if they could have it. So I went all over the property gathering items to place on the road for the poor.

3/6. I took one of our girls to court because Thursday she will testify against the man who raped her. The judge and lawyers wanted her to know they would protect her. Andrew has been a great asset. He is from Canada where his father is a pastor. As I write this it is February 2019 and Andrew not only married but he has 8 children. Marianne is making banners with the older girls.

3/7. Bill Hood’s group has gotten the base in place for the walkover on the back road. It is 15 feet high. Steve and Bill Bole had problems in Esquintla as they were stopped by the police and Steve did not have his license, passport or the paperwork for the car. The police detained them for hours but finally allowed them to leave after 4 hours.