#287 Our story

There is a company wanting to construct a paint thinner storage building very near our property. We feel this would be dangerous so please pray that the other neighbors will voice their opinion and say “No” as we have said.

The village, San Bartolome’, which is our home village is hosting a Natural Disaster seminar. Volcano Fuego which is the volcano that has   done the most damage in recent years is extremely active again although there is no immediate danger. They simply want everyone to know what to do. I would certainly appreciate your prayers for the protection of Casa. You can only imagine what would happen if our water wells were destroyed and the many other areas affected. Buying food, banking and many other areas would be disastrous for us as it would be for our area.

Josue’ had a very critical meeting with the judges and he is stressed out.  He needs your prayers daily.                      

3/2/2001. A representative from the First Lady’s office came to tell me that the upheaval with the threatened coup is affecting the container situation. Where we have been receiving containers without paying taxes they are now charging $1200 per container and we had received 4 the last two months thus we have to pay $4800. 

3/3. Ricardo and his laborers are nearly finished with the footers for the new dorm. We have a group coming in 10 days to pour concrete so everything is on schedule for this to happen. It was a great day with the sunshine and then Elder fell and broke his elbow playing soccer.

3/4. We had our staff Bible study early so that Carlos and Polly could get away earlier for some down time. We have had the kindergarten classes in two rooms at the baby dorm but today we moved them to two rooms in the school. We have 40 in kindergarten. Sheryl has the pre-kindergarten children in a classroom in the baby dorm. Our boys won a championship game in soccer today and as they were walking home were attacked by the other team and their fans. They broke Jorge’s ribs so we hospitalized him. Someone recognized who hit him so I went to the police and we went to the man’s house where they then arrested him.

What was amazing was that this man cursed me and screamed that my children were nothing but orphan trash. He was in jail for six hours, paid bail and will be tried later. He was so rude to the children and myself that more than a dozen adults went to the judge and asked that he not get out on bail. The judge told me, “Do not let what he said get you down. Your children are well behaved, good students and show appreciation”.