#286 Our story

Two days ago Marlon had her orals to defend her thesis in the university. There are a few corrections but easily corrected and she will be receiving her degree in marketing.  

Eleven children were saved in the morning service today.                    

2/25/2001 Wes taught a Bible lesson to the children. They love having Americans teaching or preaching. Once when I was preaching and we had team here from Georgia a visitor just burst out laughing. I stopped and asked him if he was okay. He apologized then explained the he had asked the teenage boy who was translating for him if he enjoyed my preaching. The boy’s answer was, “Yes because Papi makes up words.”

2/26  The President has been getting death threats and even a threat towards his youngest child. I had a Guatemalan work team dig the footings for the new dormitory. We had the strangest thing happen. Of course, it is a God thing. The propane tank for the kitchen went empty while Amalia was cooking. She prayed over the stove and it came back on only to go off after 10 minutes so she prayed again. She did this until the entire meal was cooked.

2/27. Steve ordered the lumber for the dormitory. A group of Guatemalan women from Woman’s Aglow came by to give the children oranges and then share a Bible story with them. Dottie & I purchased enough Christmas gifts to fill 24 large boxes. We rented a trailer and brought the to Gulfport to be shipped on the next container.  

2/28. Dottie and I returned home to Guatemala and as soon as we arrived Steve and Sheryl took off for the weekend.  Carlos and Polly left for a few days and David and Regina will go next week for a rest. John and Robyn are already in the US as are Dave and Vanessa so as you can see we could really use more hands to substitute for our staff when they are off.

Pray for us to have more help. Pray that the government would stabilize. 

Pray that we would have favor with the courts and judges. Pray for the salvation of every child. Pray that every person including visitors, government agencies and anyone else who steps on this property will feel the love of God