#285 Our story

Sadly the physicians could not get the new fistula (port) installed into Cindy due to her small veins. They sent her back and will try a different procedure later.

Here it is the month of April and I am writing the Christmas cards to be sent after Thanksgiving. 

2/23/2001  The funeral for my brother was as upbeat as possible. He was so special and unique. He suffered for years with alcohol and drugs and that would eventually take his life. We drove from Baton Rouge to Bunkie where he was buried and following the service we drove to Monroe to see Dottie’s sister. Back in Guatemala Wes arrived to visit the staff. The Ohio medical team saw 400 patients in Poaquil.

2/24 Bob’s team returned to Tennessee after doing so much work on the school offices, basement and two apartments. There is a threat issued about a possible coup, overthrow of the President. We certainly do not want that since we have such favor with his wife. Chris was able to get all of the plumbing supplies for the new dorm donated and shipped to Guatemala. Our church in Chimaltenango came and brought supper for our children as well as for the church members. One of our boys fell and damaged his face which then required surgery. Meanwhile Dottie and I drove to her hometown of Crossett, Arkansas to visit her mother.