#284 Our story

Today the children finished with prayer week.

The physicians are attempting to replace Cindy’s port or fistula for dialysis.

Oscar along with the American men began making the material list to have everything on site when the team arrives. We have worked hard to gut the area & prep it for the Arkansas team.

One item we can use are hair dryers. They are so expensive here but could easily come in suitcases.

2/13/2001 Due to one of my siblings being hospitalized in Baton Rouge my mother cut her trip short and returned home. The men poured the concrete on the walkover on the road between our two properties. Received another telegram from a different judge for me to appear before her court.

2/15. A tram arrived from Milan, Tn. And brought men who know what they are doing with a hammer so we plan on finishing the school office & two apartments. Dave & Vanessa returned from their honeymoon & will leave in 3 days for West Virginia and new life. Today we received 4 children ages 11, 10, 7 and 3. We had trouble again with our teens who go to school in the village. There is a group of delinquents who bother the girls. They leave classes at 7pm so it is dark. I went to the police and they sent 4 officers with me and we found the delinquents and hopefully put the fear of God in them.

2/16. David & Vanessa wrecked John’s car as they were driving in the city going to get visas. We began construction of a church near Tecpan.

2/17. The work on the apartments is going well and next week we will begin digging the footers for the new dorm. A nun came by to give us beautiful 7 year old girl. The nun has a home for children but only through age 6. 

2/19. My brother passed away at 3am this morning. Dottie and I were able to get the morning flight to Houston where Chuck picked us & took us to Beaumont where ML then took us to Lake Charles and from there we drove our car to Baton Rouge. The courts had wanted to see me this morning so Carlos went in my place.

2/21. The judge sent us an 11 month old child whose mother had neglected all the children and two had just died. The Ohio team had medical clinics this week with Jorge and Byron translating for them. Today, February 2019, I buried both of those boys. Jorge would be murdered returning from college & Byron had an aneurism.