#283 our story


On the 25thof this month we have a team arriving to renovate a bathroom and a bedroom. If we had an electrician who could come before that team arrives we can have the room ready for sheetrock. It would be a 2 day job. If you have the ability and time to come & help us it will be such a blessing.

Today we sprayed the molded areas so the room is nearly ready for the team.

Cindy II will be hospitalized for 2 weeks.

Anthony went through surgery successfully.

Anthony following surgery


2/8/2001 Steve had turned away 40 children while I was in the states but he just wanted to wait for me so I could speak to the judges. The praise and my being back in the pulpit just blessed me so much.

2/9  I was called to court early this morning as the judge had a two week old child to place at Casa and he wanted Dottie to carry the child from his court. My mom arrived and she could not get over how many times children were knocking on our door. It is true that kids come and go to my house at all hours. 

2/10 Today was our wedding anniversary and it was special because we had a wedding. Dave and Vanessa were a handsome couple and his father, Pastor David, performed the ceremony. Our staff will be taking their annual trips to the states. David and Regina are leaving for only one week but John and Robyn are going for one month. Carlos and Polly are making their plans to travel home.

2/11. It is good to be preaching to the children and today we also had staff Bible study. Some of the staff are fasting with me about a court ordered appearance I have tomorrow. We all are praying for Alex II who is recovering from his fifth surgery on his legs. 

2/12  I was in court at 8:30am and fully expected I was about to be lambasted by the judge. So you can image how I felt when instead of a verbal assault I was met by the judge who said, “I want to communicate with you better. Why are you so disappointed and angry with my court?” Although I was stunned I was able to explain why I felt as I did. The government does nothing to help us yet keeps saying negative things. One group of government officials even visited Casa and told me the beds were turned in the wrong direction. However this meeting with the judge would proof to be a blessing for years until he retired.