#280 our story

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Bubba’s son, Anthony, is having surgery Wednesday. He is still suffering from varicose veins in his throat so they will try to remove them.

We had services tonight since Sunday I was not feeling very well.

I want to clarify what I said about Humanitarian aid being stopped to Guatemala from the US as well as the border closing. The government officials and offices we work with depend on US aid including the police. The materials that now come to Guatemala that we use such as building supplies and food will be affected. This will force more Guatemalans to seek refuge in the USA. I am sorry if I confused anyone.

We are doing a dorm by dorm assessment so that we will have jobs and materials ready for teams.

1/16/2001. Now that school is started the children will be happy and excited for a week or two so Dottie and I left early and flew home to Lake Charles. When we arrived at Debbie’s house, our office, there were two telephone messages from the courts. I was able to handle the problem. In Guatemala Pastor Dave preached for me as he will all the services I will miss. We had dinner with our children in Lake Charles.

1/17 We have 55 children in Junior High. Wes and JW flew into LC for the board meeting. Malcolm, Mark and Melvin all live near so they drove in and we kicked off the board meeting with a meal and a time of fellowship. We met in the evening until late. Everyone was up early on the 18thso we met until 2 pm at which time Dottie and I drove to Vicksburg, Ms where we ministered.

1/19 It was raining and even had snow flurries but we were able to drive to Memphis without any problems. Since we did not have a service that evening we just “jammered down” and read. In Guate Steve is running around from one bookstore to another trying to find text books. 

1/20 We shared at the Vineyard in Milan, Tn. In Guatemala  Casa held a visiting day in which non-abusive parents can visit. The saddest part of this is that kids without visits hurt emotionally and some do not understand why no one cares for them. Five women came to the gate asking if we would take all of their children. Dave called me & we will wait until I return. By the way:Pastor Dave is teaching the children on the end times.

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