#277 Our story

The school took 210 children to the movies today.

Jack, who was a house parent here is fighting prostrate cancer & I am sure he would welcome your prayers.

The Mayor came by to visit with us.

John & Teri came to see the church & pulpit their family donated.

Kids waiting for the bus to go to the movies.

1/1/2001. While skating yesterday Ignacia fell and broke a finger whereas Sandra broke her wrist and needed surgery. Some of our staff worked hard all day separating school supplies, uniforms and even sanding desks as the new school year begins in two weeks.

1/2  It did not take the courts very long into the new year to call me to meet with a judge. In fact there were two judges so John went to one meeting for me. The judge gave us 11 siblings. This is the largest family we have received. Seven siblings would be the most we would receive from then until January, 2019.

1/3/2001. Since the high school buildings are not yet finished we enrolled the 26 freshmen in a school in San Bartolome. That gives us 70 high school students in private schools. God has shown Himself to be great as we had enough money to buy school uniforms, textbooks and pay tuition for those 70 children. 

1/4 I was so shocked today when I took a teenage boy to a judge who had always helped me with disciplining the children. He was on vacation and the judge who was sitting in while I shared how this teenage boy stole money and food from the other children. Instead of supporting me as the other judge had done he said, “If you take something from your family it is not stealing and Casa is a family”. I do not know what my real feelings were. Was I happy the judge saw us as a family or was I disappointed that he did not back me up.

1/5 Glen in New Orleans sent me blue prints for the new dorm and they are exactly what we will build. All of the older children asked if they could help me to clean up the construction site so we spent the day getting the building site free of unneeded items. I love it when children volunteer because it tells me they see what is happening as their blessing and they want their hands on it.