#276 our story

Dottie and I took the Christmas photographs to be copied. We have 1800 people on our mailing list. We are so blessed to have so many people praying for us.

Amalia has worked for Casa for 27 years & today her sister passed away so please be in prayer for the family. 

12/24. We had a sunrise service and it was astonishing. Then I had the older boys draw squares followed by the girls placing numbers in each square. We do not put names on the gifts so that it is a surprise until the end. Every child is given a number after all of the gifts with that number is placed in the squares. Is at that point we line all of the children up and give them their number. The child goes and sits in their square until finally I scream, “Now”, and the wrapping paper starts flying in every direction.

The hugs, kisses and “Thank you” made all the months of work worth it. Seventy- four children told me those were the first Christmas gifts that they had ever received. 

A Christmas Eve tradition is Guatemala is having a meal at 11pm. I let David, Regina and others do that as I was in bed by 9pm.

12/25. Christmas day! The women cooked 33 turkeys with all of the trimmings. As the children ate I was reminded of the scripture Psalm 118:23 “This is the Lord’s doing, we will rejoice and be glad in it”.

12/26 until 12/31.  No matter what I say it would never be sufficient to thank all of the men, women and churches that have helped us these 12 years. I am so grateful for the ministry teams, monthly supporters, prayer warriors, sponsors and organizers back in the US who work so hard to bless the children and bring 

Jesus into the lives of our children.

During the week between Christmas and New Years the children went bowling or to the movies or to eat out. We ended the year doing family activities.