# 274 Our story

Brian & LeAnn are here to help Billy and Olga with the transition house.

47 pastors are staying here attending a conference with Adam.

We have a number of construction projects available.

Greiselda returned from the hospital.

Oneisy & her family returned. She was the one who have months of treatment on her foot in the USA then sent to her grandfather.

27th: The boy who broke his arm & stayed in the hospital 3 weeks broke it again in the same spot.

Grecelda, dialysis, returned from the hospital & is doing well.

The team has done a tremendous job of completely rebuilding the living room in Vencedores. If you have a team that has the skills to rebuild a room let us know. Some of our buildings are 30 years old. 

If you have a G Mail account and are not receiving the updates you need to see if it is sending my update to your junk. 

Greisalda following insertion of the dialysis port.

12/16/2000. We spent a lot of time with 9 teenagers helping us make “goodie” bags for 386 children for Christmas. The soccer team attended a banquet where they received their state championship trophy. Hector was using a skill saw which he dropped on his leg. I do not have any idea how many stitches it took to close the gash.

12/17. Pastor Dave and Regina’s son David Jr. proposed to Vanessa one of our girls. They would marry and help us here for a time but eventually moved to West Virginia. We have 97 children without sponsors. Little Tony, age 2, had hernia surgery. Chickie had his surgery for appendicitis today also.

12/18. Our Christmas storage building in the city was broken into and a large number of gifts were stolen. When I announced this a church in Denver sent money to replace the gifts. So we bought gifts and began wrapping them as we are a week from Christmas. Dr. Toups arrived and will be examining the eyes of all of our children over the next 3 days.

12/19. When I went through the Christmas lists by dorms I discovered that we had left off 5 names from different dorms. So we immediately went to the city to find gifts for those 5. A Guatemalan woman came by and gave me $500. She did not give me her name and she has not been back to the house these 18 years. 

12/20 The courts asked us to bring Flor and when we did they spent over 2 hours trying to convince her to go home. She is 16 and the judge said she could “help” her family. This means she has to quit school and go to work. She refused so the judge is upset with me. I returned home to find a new girl with her hand bandaged. She had 8 stitches where her mother had bit her.