#273 Our Story

Before we can even begin to use the new dialysis building we need to have the current Genesis House totally funded monthly. We began in 2007. There have been 24 children in the program. 5 have had transplants, 7 children have died. There are 7 in the dorm today. By law the children must leave at age 18. There are 3 nurses, a director and 2 helpers. With food, utilities & transportation the total cost per month, per child is $1,202. Casa Genesis has the ability to treat 10 children. We would love to be able to offer care to this many but need the funding to be able to accomplish this ..

12/13/2000. It gets more incredible daily with the judges. I received an order from a judge to take three children to court. He told them he was sending them home. They all started crying and saying how they were hit by their parents. The judge actually told the children, “You just do not love your parents.”

In the end they were signed over to us as permanent so will be here at least until age 18. Before we left the court house a 14 year old Mayan girl was brought to court. She was beaten so badly she may lose her sight. The judge called me back to her office and gave us the girl.

Incredibly as we were walking on the side walk a police car pulled over and said, “Please come back to court”. I returned and in the police car were two children ages 11 and 14 who were covered with bruises. They were being tranquilized daily and just left in their bedroom. So we took them also.

Kelly has been installing a walkie-talkie system between dorms and will finish today.

12/15. A different court called me to come to the judge’s chambers. This is a judge who verbally insults me almost every time I have to go there. He began by apologizing to me for the verbal abuse in the past. You could never imagine how verbally abusive some judges have been to Dottie and me over the years. The worst was a judge who married an American. She divorced him and he took it out on us. The new girl is blind in one eye.