#272 Our story

The Arkansas team left early.

It was a peaceful Sunday.

The Tennessee team will begin working in Vencedores Monday morning.


The ceremony of Geovany & Irma


12/1/2000. We received an Afro/Guatemalan child and her siblings will arrive later this week. Today was the first day of my having email. So that will surely help keep us better connected to the states.

12/2. Dottie and I finally finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts with the exception of the child who arrived yesterday and her siblings who will be here later. Jorge Luis fell from a tree onto the concrete pavement. Surgery was performed but the outlook is good.

12/3. Our boys won the state soccer championship today. I went and found Jorge’s mother and brought her to see him in the hospital and she asked if she could stay with him. Of course we let her stay. A very talented team arrived from Alabama today.

12/5. There are 181 girls and 196 boys here. That totals 377 children. Sixty of them have come in the last 3 months. Carlos ordered the ABEKA curriculum from Paraguay in Spanish. The team is framing and pouring concrete.

12/7. Jorge came home from the hospital today and will stay with Dottie and I in our house.

12/8. The framing of the apartments is finished. The roof will be in place tomorrow so this team has really worked long hours. Dottie and I took some boys and wrapped gifts in the city. The judges call me the gringo who cannot say no. It is contagious because today the courts sent three boys 6, 9 and 12 years of age. We had no beds but Pastor said, “We will take them anyway”.

12/9. We gave new school shoes and tennis shoes to all of the children. Shoes have always been one of the Christmas gifts we give yearly to the children