#271 Our story

Grieselda is doing better and underwent hemodialysis.

The wedding of Geovani & Irma was beautiful. Dr. Murphy walked her as he & Debbie have sponsored her for years.

Thom,our board chairman arrived with a small team.

Remember we will be in the states September 3 until October 3 if you would like to have us. We can drive anywhere.


Geovani & Irma

11/23. Thanksgiving Day! I have so much to be thankful for this past year. The baby dorm became a reality and has 100 children. Four pieces of property were purchased. Carlos and Polly joined our staff. Herb and Linda also came on board. 183 children were saved and water baptized. Sebastian, Ruebin, Estella, Jorge, Olga and Silvio all graduated with honors. Laiza not only graduated but went to work and renting her own apartment. We are finishing the year with all of our bills paid. 80% of the children have sponsors. The Baby Dorm shower was a huge success. We began building a very large school for Kindergarten through 12thgrade. We built the large underground storage for the school and built two apartments on top of it.

11/24. More to be thankful for as we received 5 little girls ages 2,4,11 and twins 7 years of age. Leslie Abraham was the person who thought up and organized the baby shower so Dottie and I are so grateful. During the night the police brought us sisters ages 9 and 11. They were absolutely beaten to a pulp and their first words to Dottie were, “We are hungry”. After the finished eating they saw my stash of Bibles and asked if they could have one.  Unbelievably after midnight the police returned with 4 children ages 3,5,7 and 9 years old.

11/25. We went and purchased 14 more bunk beds. I just received word that the mayor of Lake Charles, Randy Roach, attended the baby shower and cut the cake. A home for children was raided in the city and it was discovered that 21 children who had been placed there had been sold to trafficers in Peru.