#270 our story

Greiselda had a traumatic reaction to hemodialysis. Her heart began to fail when her potassium level hit 9 which can literally stop your heart. Please pray for her.

Dottie & Gladys worked on the decorations, etc. for the wedding tomorrow.

The school had a 4 hour program of praise, skits, music, etc.

Two teenagers killed a cab driver & the community came together and killed them by pouring gasoline on them and lighting them up. It was not near Casa.


11/17. I received a call from the Procurador of the Nation called which is the first and only time he has done that. He personally wanted me to take 5 children, ages 2 to 8, whom he somehow had seen in the street and wanted them to come to Casa. Our men prepared the ground for the second phase of the school. We are building a large basement and we will then build two living quarters above the basement.

11/20. I spoke live via telephone to KAJN radio in Crowley, La. as they want to get the word out about another baby dorm shower because we now have over 100 children 0-6 years old. Another family of 7 children arrived ages 1,2,4,5,7,9     and 11 years old. A 40 foot container arrived at the house loaded with lumber, doors and clothes.

11/21. Dottie and I took some teenage girls to wrap Christmas gifts for the boys. We are shopping for the more than 40 children who have arrived since we bought gifts in the states.

11/22. We had an unusual experience today as Steve and I went to court along with the brother and sister who own the two small pieces of property we are buying. This land has been in their family before land was measured by yards or meters or acres. The land was measured by the length of the foot steps of the original Indian owners. I have very short foot steps while others have very long strides. It was hilarious discussing this and then everyone taking footsteps. We finally settled on an average so we bought it and it is recorded in meters.