#269 Our story

Part of the team went with Alec to install water filters. Alec was a teacher in our school who has gone into fulltime ministry.

Josue’ was called by a judge to “just check in with him” & tell him how pleased they are with Casa.

The Lord answered our prayer and we have someone coming to watch the little boy’s dorm while Mike & Amber are in the states this summer for a month.

The team met with Jim & his discipleship students for a special time of worship.


11/8. The courts brought a young teen girl and after us signing the paper work the judge said that we needed to take her to be tested for pregnancy. Her father abused her. She was not pregnant. I was then ordered to take three children to another judge because the mother had said that I would not let her see the kids. The truth was that the three actually hid in an oven in the kitchen during visiting hours. We thought that they had run away. But they told the judge they did not want to see their mother.

11/9. Received 5 new children 4 months, 1,5,11 and 16 years of age. We ran the water and sewer lines from the new school and some visitors connected the electricity. Focus on the Family sent a team of 19 to help us for one week.

11/12. A team from Ohio arrived and will be presenting a Vacation Bible School for a week. Dottie and I went to he storage building where we have the Christmas gifts. We ended up staying two nights and 3 days. Slept on the floor. We bought gifts for all of the children when we were in the states 3 months ago. But we have gotten 40 new children since then.

11/13. The courts called about two children and I said that we were out of beds. The judge said, “I will buy two beds” and she did. We received a 2 week old baby left behind a bar in Chimaltenango. It is a miracle that she is alive.

11/16. The courts sent a 4 year old deaf child, Carlos, and his 8 year old sister, Maria. An hour later we received a 4 month old girl. The baby dorm is filling up quickly. We have surpassed 100 children but can sleep 120. However, we do need more staff as Sheryl is working herself to the bone.