#268 our story

We received the best report from the government that we have ever had.

The Arkansas team went to Antigua. The team had a meal for the male dorm parents.

Mike & Amber will be going to the states from May 22nduntil June 23rd. We have not gotten anyone to help in that dorm. There are only 16 little boys. There are 2 helpers in the dorm but we need an other adult. Please pray about it. Let us know as soon as you can.

Dottie is still feeling poorly.


11/1/2000.  The rains have slowed to the point that we can continuing the construction of the school. Today Maeda, Esvin, Elder, Gino, Billy II, Querwin & Byron all graduated from junior high in our village of San Bartolome’. We have 34 junior high students attending school there in the village. Manolo, Augustine, Cedmer and Jorge’ are spending a week with a pastor in Poaquil helping him rebuild his church. The earthquake took it down.


11/2. Maria, Cedmer, Ruebin & Estella took their entrance exams for the university and all 4 passed. A family of 7 ages 7 months, 1,3,4,5,6 and 9 years of age. Dottie and I took 43 children to buy clothes for Christmas. We let each child choose 3 items. We returned home to find out that the courts brought a 7 year old.


11/5. This has never happened but today some mothers with a total of 14 kids came to the gate as a group. They did not have the paperwork from the courts so we sent them to the judge.


11/6. Maria graduated today so we took her to lunch following the ceremony.

I asked her what did she remember about her first days at Casa because she was so shy. Her reply humbled me. She said, “I remember that you hugged me. I had never been hugged. That first day that you hugged me I will remember forever”. Andrew arrived today from Canada. Sheryl returned from the hospital where she was being treated for hepatitis.