#267 our story

Dottie & Debbie planned for Irma’s wedding Saturday.

The Arkansas team had a meal for the women dorm parents. The men had a Bible study with Gladys & the boys.

Today the Ark. team cleaned out all of the storage buildings and arranged things in order.

Part of the team went on an outreach to help Adam prepare for his pastor’s conference.


10/24/2000. Very busy day. Steve and the teens who volunteered began pouring concrete in the new school. The courts asked for a written report on each child in the baby dorm. There are 86 children so it was a massive undertaking.  We received 3 children ages 5,7 and 10 years old. I finished writing the Christmas cards so visitors can carry them to the states for Debbie to mail at the appropriate time.


10/25. A woman came today with a child suffering from spinal meningitis. We took her to the hospital. Steve and the boys poured the next two rooms for the school. Dottie took photographs of 92 children and we wrote a short biography of each and will send them to the states for people interested in sponsoring a child.


10/26 We wanted to have a special presentation of the 15 quinceaneras. The girls made their bouquets with the helping visitors. We also will present graduation for the 6thgraders and the kindergarten students. Carlos and polly took all the graduates swimming.


10/27. A judge came with a girl that she had sent home from Casa. The girls was here due to sexual abuse and the judge sent her home only to have her sexually abused by her father. Today was the special day with graduation, quinceaneras, report cards, awards, skits and songs. Dottie and I took all of the graduates out to eat.


10/28. We were so surprised when attended Ruebin’s graduation in the city was the top student in a graduating class of 160 students. Today, January 22, 2019, Ruebin is married, has a great job and lives legally with his wife and children in Tennessee.