#266 our story

I am amazed at how so quickly we can take the Christmas photograph. From the moment we rang the bell for the children to leave class it took 13 minutes to get them all in place, take the photo and get them back in class.

The team worked on a dormitory on the front property.

We had two different government agencies come and check our records. They do this every 6 to 12 months.



10/20/2000 When Estela graduated from high school she asked me to pray with her that she could go to the USA for college. I told her that I did not have the money to send her to the states. She answered, “I know that but God can do it. Would you pray with me?”

The very next day a team arrived from Tennessee and a man on that team came and asked me, “What do you think about Estela going to the states for college?” He named the only child who asked God to send her to the states. Not only would she go and graduate from Union University with her bachelor’s degree but would also meet her future husband, receive her Master of Business degree, marry and have three beautiful children. Nothing is impossible for God!

10/20. The kitchen for the baby dorm is completed and so the 0-6 year olds began using that kitchen and eating meals there.

10/21. Ralph from Dallas came by for a quick visit. It was such a sad time. He came because one of the churches he works for had a terrible tragedy. Fourteen people including the wife and child of a pastor he helps were killed in a bus accident. Two buses hit head on because one of them was passing a car on a curve.

10/23. I began enrolling high school students in various schools in our area. Byron was enrolled in pre-med today and his life would take a tragic turn. The blind father of Isaias and David came to take them home but they told the judge that they wanted an education. I brought the paper work to the First Lady regarding the container with the items raised for the container full of items for the babies.