#265 our story

Dottie & I both are not feeling well.

Tomorrow we will take the Christmas photograph so pray we will feel better.

I was able to give my testimony to the group tonight.


10/13/2000. The day began early when the police arrived at 3 a.m. with three new children. Dottie and I took a group of teens on a boat ride at Atitlan. When we returned home thee were two more new children. We had to shuffle rooms and beds. The age group 7 through 9 years has grown so quickly that we need a dorm just for them. That means two dorms as one would be boys and the other one would be girls.


10/16. A couple from Lake Charles wants to host a baby shower at the Civic Center in Lake Charles. They want to fill a container 40 feet long with diapers, potty chairs, high chairs, formulas, pajamas and all of the things babies need. Walmart even got into the act and 8 Walmart stores across Louisiana are posting our photos and telling people of the need. It worked! The container would be filled to overflowing and shipped to us. There are 83 children in the baby dorm under the age of 6.


10/16. The judge called and asked if we could take a family with a large number of children. Of course, I said yes thinking it would be about 6 kids. When they arrive in a police bus there were 14 children in that family.
I had to go buy another ten sets of bunk beds.


10/17. The water pump went out so Steve worked hours on it while Dottie and I bathed 12 new children inn our home. Our house had water. Carlos began teacher training today and all of our new teachers had never had teacher training before a job.


10/19. Tonight we attended Estela’s high school graduation in the city. When she was enrolled there she was told that neither the teachers or students would accept her because of “who she was” meaning abused and living in a children’s home. Yet on her graduation night she was the number one academic student and also voted most popular.